Solar Panel 100W - Semi Flexible | ETFE


Solar Panel 100W

AMPS - 100W semi flexible solar panel ETFE coated - waterproof, MC-4 cables. A step towards sustainability.

A solar regulator is required. Divide your total solar panel wattage by your battery voltage to get an amp figure - this is the mimimum size regulator you require. 100W / 12V = 8.3A. Thus, go with a 10A solar regulator. Also, check that the regulator is capable of handling the higher voltages when panels are seriesed together.

 Model Number
Power (W) Cell Type Open circuit voltage Max power voltage Current Dimensions
SP100 100W Monocrystalline 29.2V 24.8V 4.3A 950mm x 550mm x 2mm


Max system voltage is 600VDC.

Typically, you can fit 4x these on top of a VW T6 campervan