IP68 Waterproof AC to DC Battery Charger 12V | 24V | 36V | 48V | 60V AQUA range 100VAC-250VAC input - PRE-ORDER


PRE-ORDER - available end of August / September 2024

IP68 Waterproof AC to DC Battery Charger 12V | 24V | 36V | 48V | 60V AQUA range 100VAC-250VAC input.

Pre Wired DC - total of 2.3m. Comprising of 1.7m of DC cable + 0.6m of Croc clip or 8mm Ring terminal cable. SAE connector terminations - for ease of quick release

Pre Wired AC with UK plug 1.3m long (also comes with a Euro adaptor) - plug can be swapped out for US plug - 100V-250VAC is okay. 

Charge voltage - absorption 14.4V and Float 13.6V

Each model has mounting holes.

Each model comes with SAE connectors with croc clip and 8mm ring terminals. For either hard wiring or soft wiring. 

European Schuko adaptor provided. 

The AQ series of chargers is designed to make your power easily controllable and easily available. A truly waterproof and global input means it’s the perfect companion for you irregardless of where you are or what you’re doing. 

With it’s sleek design, compact size and waterproof casing, the AQ series charger is the perfect travel companion for leisure or work.

Perfect for systems with multiple batteries- either multiple battery banks that need to all be maintained individually, or battery banks in series (24V, 36V, 48V, 60V) where you need each battery line individually balanced and maintained. 

Charge your batteries to 100% full wherever you are in the world, with an input voltage as low as 100VAC, all the way up to 250VAC. 

The AQ range of chargers have clear LED indicators on each isolated charge line, so you know exactly when your batteries are full or how far along the charge process is at just a glance. 

Truly waterproof, truly dustproof and truly resilient. The AQ range of chargers was designed for adverse conditions like an open sea, storm or desert... If your charger needs to endure between uses (or even during use...) the AQ range of chargers will be perfect. 

One common profile, suitable for an overwhelming majority of battery types (even for waking sleeping LiFePO4 batteries) means you shouldn’t need to worry about setting your system up. Plug in, clip on, batteries charge.

Please be attentive to the table below. Also, if you want to a 50A 12V battery charger, you can simply install the AQ6010 and parallel the outputs. If you want a 20A 12V battery charger and a 24V 10A battery charger, you could get a AQ4810. Parallel 2x output on the 12V battery and series 2x output across the 24V battery. You can treat each output as an isolated standalone 10A battery charger at 12V. So, they are ideal for balancing 24V+ battery banks. 

Model DC voltages Power Outputs DC Output Current Dimensions Weight Kg
AQ1210 12V 150W 1 10A 84 x 211 x 70 2.1
AQ2410 12V | 24V  300W 2 10A (x2)
151 x 211 x 70 3.85
AQ3610 12V | 24V | 36V 450W 3 10A (x3)
218 x 211 x 70 5.5
AQ4810 12V | 24V | 36V | 48V 600W 4 10A (x4)
290 x 211 x 70 7.5
AQ6010 12V | 24V | 36V | 48V | 60V 750W 5 10A (x5)
357 x 211 x 70 9.35