ip68 waterproof dc dc charger w/solar input 25a | 40a models


  • The BBWS can operate from either a 12V or 24V input battery source and can charge a 12V output battery
  • The solar feed into the BBWS is 31VOC rated, harvesting up to 350W or 550W (dependent on model)
  • Waterproof, sealed aluminium construction
  • Four profiles :: AGM/Gel, Sealed Lead, Lithium, Calcium/Desulphation
  • Solar priority mode engages the unit exclusively as a solar regulator.
  • As the BBWS is pre-wired with sockets, it can be easily and quickly installed or disconnected, pending your needs.
  • IP68 rated
  • 97% efficiency


  • 12V | 24V | 36V | 48V | 60V
  • 100-250VAC input 50/60hz
  • 150W-750W AC TO DC CHARGER


HARDY | 3500

  • Large battery storage - 2kWh or 4kWh models
  • 3500W | 4kW overload @ 230VAC - Pure Sine Wave Inverter - with multiple AC outlets
  • Built in MPPT Solar Charge Controller up to 90V | 700W
  • Built in DC-DC charger
  • 12V 40A Charger included
  • Lots of accessories - including jump leads
  • Lots of USBs + 12V sockets
  • Super fast DC DC charging, if required.
  • Mobile phone induction charger
  • Battery Monitoring Display
  • APP - Bluetooth
  • Mounting brackets - can fasten to floor | bracket
  • Saves a lot of time on installation and wiring.

Portable power supply

LAUREL | 600

  • Small, lightweight and robust
  • 12.8V 40Ah LiFePO4 - 512Wh battery
  • 600W 230VAC Pure Sine Wave inverter
  • 15A DC DC charger built in w/ Solar input (up to 60VDC)
  • USB-C 65W PD IN + OUT (can be charged up with USB-C)
  • 15W Wireless charging
  • Onboard LED lamp
  • 25A DC output capable - with over current protection
  • 2x Universal Sockets
  • Vivid LCD screen

Air Conditioning Units

therma | aircon

12V | 24V | 230VAC Air Conditioning units.

a 2200W output unit - cooling only. Only use 950W DC power

a 2800W output unit - Use only up to 1200W DC power. Cooling and PTC heater.

a 3300W output unit - Use only up to 1500W AC 230V power. Reverse heat pump. Cooling and heating.

Choose your industry

In order to simplify navigation, we have divided our product range into three primary industries.

Marine targets the sailing, yachting and narrowboating market. Automotive targets towards recreational and commercial vehicles. Stationary generally doesn't move, sans storm, and will include much of the solar range.

We pride ourselves on maintaining high stock levels. If you need a high quantity of batteries | chargers | inverters - we have them.

As appears on yacht.de

For our German customer base, https://www.yacht.de did a great article on the BB bidirecitonal - here is the Flyer in German

"Die YACHT" : Für unsere Deutschen Kunden hier die aktuellen Informationen über unsere B2B Ladegeräte.

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Note regarding the shipping of lithium batteries outside of the UK

We are unable to offer lithium shipping to any orders outside of the UK. We understand this is an inconvenience but the complications of transit regulations and the high cost that follows renders it uncompetitive.

We can still provide you with our power equipment (chargers, solar, inverters etc.) and the rest of our range. Thank you for understanding.

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