Pro Batt Aqua 12/24V to 12V 25A | 40A model IP68 Rating BBWS


The BBWS Aqua range shall be available Q4 2023 - Pre-Order now.

This BBWS battery to battery charger is a device typically installed between a starter battery (input) and a house / domestic / service battery (output). The BBWS is designed to charge up your 12V domestic / service / auxiliary battery from the power generated from your alternator, whilst your engine is running. It is designed to work with vehicles (old / new) and (boats old / new). As this device is 25A or 40A rated on the input, we recommend running from an alternator 60A+. This BB charges both lead acid style batteries and lithium batteries. The solar input is good for up to 32V and shall harvest 350W or 550W (model dependent). The BBWS shall simply get power from either solar or power generated from your alternator. It shall tap into where it can get the most power from.

  • The BBWS can operate from either a 12V or 24V input battery source and can charge a 12V output battery
  • The solar feed into the BBWS is 31VOC rated, harvesting up to 350W or 550W (dependent on model)
  • Waterproof, sealed aluminium construction
  • Four profiles :: AGM/Gel, Sealed Lead, Lithium, Calcium/Desulphation
  • Solar priority mode engages the unit exclusively as a solar regulator.
  • As the BBWS is pre-wired with sockets, it can be easily and quickly installed or disconnected, pending your needs.
  • IP68 rated
  • 97% efficiency

Instruction Manual PDF

Product Information PDF

DC Voltage input

Solar input

DC output
output current (A)
Size L x W x D mm Weight Kg Part Number
12V/24V <32V 12 25 153.5 x 131 x 40


12V/ 24V
<32V 12
40 191.5x 131 x 94 2.5 BBWS1240


BBWS1225 | 40
Input voltage range                9V-31V
Rated output power        25A | 40A ~ 350W | 550W
Rated input current        up to 26A | up to 42A
Quiescent current            <10mA
Efficiency rating            96% - 98%
IP rating                IP68

Self recovering protections:    under voltage protection
                input over voltage protection
                output over voltage protection
                over current protection
                charge over temperature

Operational Temperature        -20 Deg C -> 60 DegC

Approval             CE | UKCA
           Cooling method            Heat sink