48V | 5500W Pure Sine Wave Inverters, 80A charger and MPPT solar | VULCAN


VULCAN models shall be available December 2023 / Jan 2024

  • With an efficiency of 93%, there is no better way of harnessing 240VAC from a DC battery bank.
  • The wave form output is pure sine, ensuring your AC appliances will run exactly as you expect it should.
  • Continuously rated at 5500W (KW rather than KVA. KVA rated to 7KVA), overload capabilities of 11KVA
  • The DC charging current is up to 80A at 48V or 120A at 24V from the AC input lines or the PV input lines. The maximum cumulative charge current (with both PV and AC running) is 100A at 48V and 120A at 24V.
  • GRID PRIORITY - When grid/mains is applied, Vulcan uses grid to run appliances alongside solar
  • SOLAR PRIORITY - Solar is the primary provider to power loads, battery is secondary, mains tertiary.
  • BATTERY PRIORITY - Battery provides power as primary source, with mains assisting when battery is low
  • GRID+SOLAR PRIORITY - Only solar and grid provide power to loads. Battery unused.
  • Battery Profile AGM, GEL, FLOODED and Lithium presets, with CUSTOM capabilities.
  • Charge current adjustment - Adjust your charge limit from 80A down to 10A, in 10A increments.
  • Specific AC output selection - AC output range of 220-240VAC, 50 or 60HZ.
  • Discharge current limit - If your battery, typical on lithium systems, has a maximum amount that can be drawn out of the battery bank (discharge C limit), this can be set on the Vulcan inverter itself.
  • High + Low lithium battery State of Charge disconnect
  • Low voltage alarms + Shutdowns
  • Multiple Vulcans can be paralleled to combine their capabilities. For example, two Vulcans would give you the capability of 120A AC/DC charge and 11KW DC/AC inverted output.
  • USB l RS232 l RS485 l WiFi l CAN

Three Phase

If you require the 3 phase model - VT485500 - you shall require 3x to be linked together. This shall give you a total of 16.5kW at 415VAC. If you do NOT require 3 phase then the V485500 has all the other features.

Model Power W Battery V AC DC charge PV + mains charge PV input VDC Parallel  3 phase Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
V245500 5500 24V 100A 120A 120-500VDC yes no 425 x 330 x 117 10.6
V485500 5500 48V 80A 100A 120-500VDC yes no 425 x 330 x 117 10.6
VT485500 5500 48V 70A 90A 120-500VDC yes yes 503 x 302 x 120 10.6

425mm x 330mm x 117mm.    10.6kg  V485500

503mm x 302mm x 120mm     10.6kg VT485500


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