Battery Monitor - BM2


AMPS - Battery Monitor BM2

The Battery Monitor - 2 (BM2) is AMPS’ high precision power management device, intended for use in the DC negative. Installed correctly, the shunt will accurately measure discharge and charge at any given time.

The BM2, as a modern battery solution, is suitable for all battery types (Lead acid, Lithium, etc) and is able to be read both from a live Bluetooth feed as well as from the remote fitted to the unit.

The BM2 monitors your battery bank and DC circuits, giving you accurate information on :
Remaining battery capacity (measured both as Ampere Hours and as a percentage reading)
Battery bank voltage (in Volts, of course)
Current passing the shunt at any given time (in Amperes)
The App will also provide history and data-logging for your system

The BM2 comes with :
1x Bluetooth compatible remote display
1x BM2 shunt (with mounting bracket)
1x Shunt power cable (1m)
1x Remote cable (1m by default, 3m and 6m options available - if shunt and remote are further away that 1m)

Amperage Rating Continuous     Up to 500A
Maximum current monitoring     Up to 999A
BM1 Bolt Size             8mm / M8 - 40mm long
Working Voltage Range             8V-80V
Wattage consumption         0.144W (12mA at 12V)
Standby consumption         0.006W (0.5mA at 12V)
Quiescent / Sleep current          0.0006W (50uA at 12V)
Capacity accuracy         +/-0.5%
Voltage accuracy  +/-0.5%
Current accuracy  +/-0.5%
Capacity Ah setting         up to 999Ah | 9999Ah (app)
Weight                600.0g (Shunt + Remote)

BM2 - remote | shunt | 1m cable
3m - 3 meters of corded extension cable between shunt and remote (optional needs adding to cart)
6m - 6 meters of corded extension cable between shunt and remote (optional needs adding to cart)

3m / 6m can be added to the existing 1m. 3m +1m or 6m +1m becomes the maximum length if ordered.

For the BM2 App either scan this QR code or click this link:



Instructions PDF