AMPS Battery Charger 12V / 24V / 48V 2 Output


AMPS Battery Charger         BC Series

5 Year Warranty
- 94% efficient, low heat, low loss.
- Dual output AC/DC charger
- Lithium, Lead and AGM preset charge profiles,
  based off of market averages and our experience
- Desulphation cycle for Open Lead Acid batteries
- On/Off night mode that disables the fan and lowers
  unit output, to minimise noise
- Two meters of pre-wired AC 240V UK mains cable
  and plug, to allow complete ease of install
- 12V 20, 40A and 24V 20A rated models
- Four stage battery charger

For Bluetooth operations please read:

 Bluetooth APP - Please download Magnett Charger Monitor APP

When you open the APP on your phone go to the settings symbol in the top left hand corner and search for the device. The unique bluetooth code begins with 'mbt' when you are searching for it. For example - mbt_422100145 

You may need to click 'search device' on the app to look again. Once you've found the mbt number press it to connect. Then go back to the home page. It may take several seconds to refresh to get the voltage / current.


Instructions / Information pack



BC1220 - 12V | 20A
BC1240 - 12V | 40A

BC1220B - 12V | 20A w/ Bluetooth
BC1240B - 12V | 40A w/ Bluetooth
BC2420B - 24V | 20A w/ Bluetooth

BC4810 - 48V | 10A (no bluetooth)

Model BC1220 | BC1240 BC2420 BC4810
AC Input Voltage 180-264VAC 50Hz~
AC Full Load ≤5A ≤5A ≤5A
No Load Input Current (Standby) ≤120mA ≤120mA ≤120mA
Output (Charge) Voltage Selection
Absorption Float Absorption Float Absorption Float
Lead 14.2V 13.5V 28.4V 27.0V 56.4V 54.0V
AGM 14.7V 13.5V 29.4V 27.0V 58.8V 54.0V
LiFePO4 14.4V 13.8V 28.8V 27.6V 57.6V 55.2V
Equalization for Lead 16.1V / 3A 32.2V / 1.5A
DC Source Mode 13.5V / 28A 26V / 14A
Standby Voltage for 13.2V 26.4V 52.8V
Lead / AGM
Minimum Battery Voltage 0V+
Recycle Day 7 days
Remote Battery Temp. Sensor (supplied accessory) Yes, -20mV/°C Yes, -40mV/°C
Max. Output Charge Current 40A 20A 10A
Soft Start Bulk Charge Current 20A 10A 10A
Low Mode Charge Current 10A 5A 5A
Efficiency >93% >93% >93%
Protections Short Circuit protections, self-recoverable
Over temperature protection, 3 steps decrease of output power, self-recoverable
Battery over temperature protection, with battery remote sensor, self-recoverable
Reverse Polarity (fused) (Replace by 25A x2 fuse for 40A, 25A fuse for 20)
Cooling Thermostatically Controlled Variable Low speed FAN (0 – full speed)
Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C (Maximum Output up at 40°C)
Back Drain Current Less than 1Ah/month
Remote Control Optional Accessory
Wireless Remote Control WiFi/ Bluetooth models only
Remote Control by PC software / Smart phone APPS
Approvals EN55014, EN61000, EN60335, EN62233
Dimension (LxWxH) 223x135x73mm 223x135x73mm
Weight 1.8kg 1.8kg
Recommended Battery Capacity Range 135Ah-400Ah (40A) 70Ah-200Ah (20A)
70Ah-200Ah (20A)