AirCon Units - 12V | 24V | 230VAC model


AirCon Units - 12V | 24V | 230VAC models 

The 3 air-conditioning models

THERM2200 model (12V model and 24V models)   -  Cooling only, suitable for smaller vehicles, good value, good performance

THERM2800 model (12V model and 24V models) -  Cooling plus PTC heating ( see below )

THERM33000 model (230VAC) - Cooling and heating using full reverse Heat pump technology giving very efficient.

PTC heating, this is a conventional resistive heater like a toaster or hair dryer, it’s great for occasional use but offers no energy saving efficiency.

Heat pump, this is how all fridges / air conditioning work, they do not make heat or cold by direct means but “pump thermal energy (heat)” from a cold to hot or hot to cold air. If you ever used an air compressor you will feel the heat generated on the compressor cylinder. This is due to compressing the air volume and so pushing the compressed air temperature up. Also, when the air is stored in the air tank when you pump up your tyre the discharge nozzle filling the tyre gets cold. This is due to the expanding airs density being reduced and as such the temperature drops. This means that the heat or cold produced is not a direct result of the energy put into the compressor motor drive but in the compression or decompression of the gas. A fridge or air condition system simply does this in a sealed environment using a refrigerant gas/liquid for efficiency purposes. The efficiency of this process is reflected in the term COP or Coefficient of Performance. This number is usually about 2.8 which in layman’s terms means for every unit of power you put in you get about 2.8 units out. So, 1 kW of power will give about 3kW of heat. This 300% efficiency is why reverse heat pump tends to refer to a system where the heating / cooling can be reversed. I.e. the air conditioners can be reversed and become a heater, this makes for a very efficient low cost heating system.

Spec table

Model THERM122200 THERM242200 THERM122800 THERM242800 THERMAC3300
Power source / operating voltage 12V 24V 12V 24V 220-240VAC | 50Hz
Actual power required from source 960W 960W 300-1200W 300-1200W 1450W
Rated cooling capacity 2200W/7600BTU 2200W/7600BTU 2800W/9660 BTU 2800W/9660 BTU 3300W/11000 BTU
Rated heating capacity No Heat No Heat 1200W 1200W 1500W PTC/ 3300W heat pump
Heating type None None PTC PTC PTC and reverse Heat Pump
Cooling COP 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.8
Heating COP N/A N/A N/A - PTC heater N/A - PTC heater Reverse heat pump function
Air volume  450m3/h 450m3/h 450m3/h 450m3/h 600-1000 m3/h
Noise <65 dBa <65 dBa <60 dBa <60 dBa <65 dBa
Refrigerant R134a - 500g  R134a - 500g  R134a - 600g R134a - 600g R410a 700g
Dimensions 680x675x149 mm 680x675x149 mm 894x808x180 mm 894x808x180 mm 788x632x236
Air outlet plate height  26 mm 26 mm 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm
Weight 19.8 kg 19.8 kg 28 kg 28 kg 40 kg
Thermostatic control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes