24V Battery Balancer - BAL24


24V Battery Balancer - suitable for lead acid and lithium batteries.

The BAL24 is designed to be used to balance 24V battery banks comprised of multiple 12V batteries. It is a plug and play device that does not need any adjustment. Simply connect the 3x ring terminals to the respective connections on the batteries. The two display screens simply show the voltage of the battery that the cables are connected to.

For a 24V system, 1x BAL24 is required
For a 36V system, 2x BAL24 are required
For a 48V system, 3x BAL24 are required

Multiple can be installed in parallel to increase balancing current. Simply stack the 8mm ring terminals on top of each other.

The left screen shows the voltage across the 0V-12V (red and white cables) and the right screen shows the voltage between the 12V-24V (white and black cables).

We highly recommend using a voltmeter:
Red cable - 24V
White cable - 12V
Black cable - 0V