Pro Combi S+ 1600 / 30A Charger *NEW* PCSP


 Instruction Manual PDF


ACM Aux Charge Mod. Instruction Manual

These Pro Combi S+ models are brand new, in their original box. They come with 3 months warranty.

The Pro Combi S+ is Sterling’s new inverter charger. It is a bespoke unit that has an attractive new design. The unit is lighter, smaller, yet more powerful than its predecessor. New splash proof design offering some protection against the odd water spill. The Combi S+ also comes with an auxiliary charging output to allow the user to charge their starter battery whilst bulk charging their main battery bank. The auxiliary charging is simply a module that can be installed and allows the user to charge 12V from a 12V or 24V from a 24V or even a combination of them as it is simply a module (e.g. 12V from a 24V unit), unit built to IP22.  


  • Sterling Power’s Combi S+ range of Inverter / Chargers are new to 2016. They arrive in a bespoke and attractive waterproof enclosure (IP55).  
  • New, lighter and smaller unit. Refer to the weights and dimensions in the table below. No extra length attributed to end cover caps etc as all AC and DC connectors are now neatly integrated into the unit.
  • Extremely low quiesent current: From 0.1A with power saver on and 0.5A with power saver off.
  • The additional 5A auxiliary charging output port is a new feature of the S+ model. It allows the user to charge the starter battery (example). Also, you can pick and mix. For example,  have a 12V main unit with a 24V output port, or vice versa.
  • 1300W contiunous. 1600W for 10 minutes. 2.5KW for 10-15 seconds. Good overload capability.

Other Features

8 Battery type selectors. All with their own 4 stage charging profiles.

Remote control panel included. The remote is removable and can be replaced with a blank panel. The switch panel can then be remotely mounted using the supplied extension lead (10 meters).

Battery Charger only select option.  Allows unit to be set, so in event of shore power failure  the inverter does not engage.

The Battery chargers across the range are larger in current rating. 30A  at 12V - 15A for 24V.

Neutral - Earth  bonding link when on inverter mode to comply with latest regulations. This allows RCD breakers to work.

Power Factor Corrected (PFC)
This unit delivers a unity (0.99) power factor.

Features a power saver function and battery charger power reduction. Great for smaller power supplies and gensets.

    Continuous    Dimensions    
DC Voltage (V) Nominal VA Power @ 20degC (W) Charger (A)  (L x W x D) mm Weight (Kg) Code
12 1600 1300 30 225 x 205 x 230 8.5 PCSP121600
24 1600 1300 15 225 x 205 x 230 8.5 PCSP241600
Auxiliary Charge Module 12V or 24V Combi to 12V Battery  5A ACM12
Auxiliary Charge Module 12V Combi to 24V Battery  3A ACM1224
Auxiliary Charge Module 12V Combi to 24V Battery  3A ACM2424