Super Marine Multi Fuse Pack


A vital pack to have on any boat with multiple fuses, or for a repair or maintenance company, keeping you ready for any occasion. 

This pack contains one of each and every one of our fuse multipacks at a huge discount when compared to buying individually. 


1x; 80A ANL, 100A ANL, 150A ANL, 200A ANL, 250A ANL, 300A ANL, 350A ANL, 400A ANL, 500A ANL

2x; 20A MINI ANL, 30A MINI ANL, 40A MINI ANL, 60A MINI ANL, 80A MINI ANL, 100A MINI ANL, 120A MINI ANL, 150A MINI ANL, 20A AMT FUSE, 25A AMT, 30A AMT, 40A AMT, 50A AMT, 60A AMT, 70A AMT, 80A AMT, 90A AMT, 100A AMT, 5A ATC, 10A ATC, 15A ATC, 20A ATC, 30A ATC, 35A ATC, 40A ATC