Pro Combi S Pure Sine GRAY (6 months Warranty) GRAB A BARGAIN

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Pro Combi S Pure Sine 12V 2500W (3 remaining) (6 months warranty)

 GREY TOP LABEL version. There is no remote cable 10m - but does have a remote control mounted on the lid of combi. No end cap covers.

These Combis are 12V battery, 2500W pure sine wave with a 70-80A charger.

These combis work perfectly fine, they are just refurb'd stock.

These Combi's are thoroughly tested, perfectly functional and operate fine.

Standard Features
30 amp through current
P.F.C. (power factor correction)
Includes remote control with 10m cable.
4 step progressive charging
8 battery type selector

Earth - neutral link when on inverter mode to comply with latest regulations

 Instruction Manual PDF

Product Information PDF


Dimensions 3500W