Pro Batt X - High Powered Battery to Battery Charger

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Bidirectional Battery to Battery Charger - up to 6000W 0-32V.

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DC Voltage

current rating (A)
Part Number
12/24 50 BBX50
12/24 100 BBX100
12/24 150 BBX150
12/24 200 BBX200


The BBX is the culmination of years of experience in the power distribution sector and features technology that we firmly believe to be superior to anything the market presently has to offer, and as such, we are proud to present it as our newest flagship DC/DC product line, to be evolved as the market needs.

The BBX is a high powered, highly efficient, highly customisable bidirectional battery charger, allowing complete control of your DC system, even across voltage scales. In one BBX you benefit from a 12-12V, 12-24V, 24-24V and 24-12V charger, to suit a wide variety of client and user needs - and its bidirectional ability means that we can move perfectly regulated power however needed.

The BBX comes with 7 available preset battery types for output voltages. These pre-designed options have been made with the current average absorption and float voltages on the market, aiming to make install as quick and easy for all customers. Totally customisable input and output voltages, at the users behest.

In the instance that our preset options don’t perfectly meet your output requirements, the output voltage of the BBX can be customised entirely to your needs. Using the custom feature of the BBX, the user can choose an output voltage from the BBX, at a range from 0V up to 32V, in increments of 0.1V.

The output of the BBX, by default, adheres to a four stage charging profile to offer your batteries the safest and most efficient charge output that we can generate. Charging with a four stage profile (Bulk, Absorption, Conditioning, Float) offers your batteries a quicker charge rate that puts your batteries health and performance as a priority.

The BBX can also be easily set into DC/DC converter mode, that allows complete DC voltage control as a constant power supply on the output, independent of a variable voltage on the input.

The BBX offers complete current control, as well as voltage control. The current limit on the output can be defined and adjusted in 5-10A increments, from 0A up to the rating of the unit itself.

One of the defining features of the BBX is its ability to output to either terminal, and each direction can be customised with all of the above features and complete precision, entirely independently of the other directions setup.

Overrides all low voltage  restrictions (for a time frame) and harvests maximum power from the auxiliary battery and regulates a max power dump into the engine battery to charge and start the engine at full current.

A and B remote sense wires allow for pinpoint voltage charging accuracy, even across long cable runs, and cable sag diagnostic reviews in both directions, advising or warning the user on poor wiring or blown fuses.

1x included temperature sensor, performing temperature compensation for non-lithium batteries, and offers an output shutdown at 0DegC when interfacing with lithium.

On top of the above 0DegC charge shutdown (programmable), the BBX also features a BMS positive or negative shutdown feed, giving your BMS direct charge control if demanded.

Sterling understands that some fitters would like to know the exact parameters their fitted equipment will be operating at. The BBX features an OEM lock function, locking in all previously established setting parameters and preventing further tampering or misuse. All information on the unit is still accessible.  

The engagement parameters for the BBX are fully customisable, with the following options.
1) Fully automatic, works based on pre-determined on/off voltages at the DC terminals. These are adjustable.
2) Ignition feed with starter battery protection.
3) Ignition feed with no low voltage protection (ideal for Euro 6+ vehicles)
4) Vibration sensing (ideal for Euro 6+ vehicles) - various sensitivity settings. Unit can activate based on vibration when engine starts.
5) Custom set ignition feed - adjustable voltage parameters.

Even though this product has an eye watering amount of options / custom settings the base product is designed for 90% of operations with no setup required. Simply connect the BBX between two battery banks. The unit will automatically select the battery voltages and you simply push the agree button to confirm.

The BBX features a quiet and efficient fan, to regulate its own temperature and guarantee continuous full power operation up to 40DegC ambient. Full thermal throttling offers continual reduced operation at up to 80DegC

Two digital displays to offer voltage, current and temperature readings for either connected side.

On terminals A or B, 8V-32.2V (Warns below 9V)

On terminals A or B, 1V-32V

Up to 98.2% efficient, at full power (24V-12V at 200A output)

200A current limit, at 24V-24V this amounts to ~6KW

3x 8mm bolt terminals. BATT A, COMMON NEGATIVE, BATT B

Multi-coloured LCD screens for current, voltage and temperature on BATT A and BATT B.

E Marking Pending, Seeking UL Approval

Temperature monitoring (Internal, Batt A, Batt B) with regulation and shutdown if needed
Over current protections (hardware and software)
Over voltage protections (hardware and software)
Voltage sag, fuse blowing (software monitoring, remote voltage sense)
BMS shutdown signals
Lithium 0DegC shutdown
Reverse polarity protection

Throttles at 70DegC, Cuts off at 90DegC on unit. Disables charge if battery temperature reaches 50DegC
Powers up and operates at full power down to -20DegC