Pre-Cut Pre-Wired cable For BB1260 16mm2

16mm2 A B C D E F 1
Option 1 20cm 0.5m 1m 20cm 2m 0.5m 100A fuse w/ holder 
Option 2 20cm 0.5m 2m 20cm 3m 0.5m 100A fuse w/ holder
Option 3 20cm 1m 1m 20cm 2m 1m 100A fuse w/ holder
Option 4 20cm 1m 2m 20cm 3m 1m 100A fuse w/ holder
Option 5 20cm 2m 2m 20cm 4m 2m 100A fuse w/ holder
Option 6 20cm 1m 3m 20cm 4m 1m 100A fuse w/ holder

16mm2 cable

As there are almost infinite variations when spec'ing your cable lengths etc. We have narrowed it down to what we deem the most common variants. We have consolidated these into the 6 options displayed in the chart below. A->F are cable lengths that refer to the diagram. 1 is the fuse holder.

Due to the need to keep the number of variants to a minimum we can not really deviate from our options list. Options may be added in future if there is a demand for such an option.

The first drop down menu is for which option you wish to select. Compare the letters in the chart below with the image. Select the option which best suits your install.

What you get is all the cables cut, pre-installed into the fuse holder, with the fuse installed. We also apply the ring terminals to the ends of the cables that shall be connected onto the batteries. The ends of the cable that go into the BB or the fuse holder shall not be ring terminalled as this is not required. So, please select which ring terminal you require - either 6mm, 8mm or no fit.

This does not include a BB1230, nor does it include the lithium batteries.