Hardy | 3500 Portable Power Supply (available now)


Hardy | 3500 Portable Power Supply


The HARDY is our newest step into the portable power pack industry, taking our years of experience of both Lithium power systems as well as onboard power and combining everything into one simple box.

Boasting a 3500W pure sine wave inverter, AC/DC charging, DC/DC charging, numerous USB/USBC ports, an integrated high voltage solar regulator, numerous battery contact feeds and even a wireless charging pad for your phone... This has all the equipment your camper could want - in one, fairly priced box.

The Hardy has an incredible collection of features- it really is an entire vehicle power system in one box. To help you understand its use we’ve broken it down into a few of its main parts and features- so you can be as confident as we are that it’s the perfect item for you.

The top row of three contacts includes 3x USB and USB-C/PD charge/power ports with easily accessible ON/OFF switches besides them. This can be used to power LED lighting, phone chargers and a wide array of other USB powered items. The bottom row incorporates 2x 12V DC cigarette sockets and 1x Engel socket, allowing an even bigger range of items to be powered.

A large, obvious and simple to understand power switch for the Hardy. Turn it on when you need it, turn it off when you’re done.

The screen gives you all the information that could be of use to you; remaining capacity, overall state of charge, actual power in motion (both in Watts and Amps). Consider this your onboard battery monitor.

A simple and obvious button-switch to turn ON/OFF your AC sockets at leisure. The LED backing of the switch makes it obvious whether the plugs should be live or not.

The 2x230VAC sockets on the Hardy can power more than you would expect. The Hardy has an integrated pure sine 3500W inverter. Each individual plug is rated to a normal 13A/3KW fuse, but with a 3.5KW continuous rating and a 5KW peak, it’ll run more than you think. 

This is the primary DC contact line using a 175A rated Anderson style connector and fused to 175A. Through here you can easily power a large range of DC appliances, connect higher powered DC chargers (like our Bb12120) or even consider connecting another battery bank (if it’s of equivalent charge) to extend your battery capacity.

These two smaller grey Anderson style sockets are similar to (F) but rated to 50A each, instead of 175A. The same rules apply, though. If you have a <50A charger available, or 50A DC appliances that you want to power, plug them right in.

The blue Anderson style socket is for the in-built DC/DC charger. When paired with a D+ ignition feed it will draw up to 30A from this blue socket connection, normally connected to an alternator circuit so you can charge while you drive.

The yellow Anderson style socket is for our solar regulator. With a VOC range of 18V-90VDC and a 700W upper limit on how much can be harvested, you’ve got a better system than most off-the-shelf regulators already built in. All you need to do is connect your PV circuit (either from the roof panels, or by considering our CSP range of deployable solar panels) and let the sun do the work for you.

On the top of the Hardy unit, there is a 15W Wireless/Induction phone charger, making it a perfect place for your phone.

14.6V 230VAC mains charger (40A)

Includes 4x Hex screws to connect to Hardy body and 4x wood screws for floor/base connection.

Yellow 50A Anderson Socket with Mc4 connector fitted cable

Spare Anderson sockets (1x Yellow, 1x Blue, 2x Grey - Includes terminals)

A simple plug and ring terminal for the Ignition contact on the Hardy

As described

175A Anderson Socket with large Jump Leads for a DC connection

Spare covers for the Anderson sockets if unused- to protect against dust or corrosion.

Battery capacity (H3500)          12.8V | 150Ah | 1920Wh
Battery capacity (H3500P)         12.8V l 300Ah l 3840Wh
Battery chemistry            LiFePO4
BMS current rating        300A

AC inverter power        3500W Continuous, 5000W Peak | 230VAC 50hz
                    3x AC plug outlets (13A) + RCD style isolation switch fitted- This is solely for ease and familiarity of isolating the AC feed where needed. 

DC Outlets            3x USB-C | 3x USB-A
                2x 12V Cigarette ~150W + 1x engels

                2x 50A input / outputs
                1x 175A input / outputs
                1x 15W wireless charger

AC charger            100V-250VAC 50-60Hz
(Accessory)            40A at 14.6V 600W

MPPT Solar Regulator        700W | up to 90VDC input
DC/DC / Vehicle charger         30A charge 8-33VDC input

Humidity                10-90%
Operating Temp            -10 to 50DegC


H3500        400mm (H) x 240mm (W) (265mm (W) if include red isolation switch) x 395mm (L)   at 32.0kg Weight


H3500P                  420mm (H) x 240mm (W) (265mm (W) if include red isolation switch) x 395mm (L)            43.2kg


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