12V 20Ah AL1220 Lithium Battery


12V 20Ah Lithium Batteries

20Ah model - does not have bluetooth function

Can be put in series up to 48V -unlimited parallel.

Limited five year warranty from date of purchase covers the purchaser/protects you against manufacturing defects. It does not cover negligence, improper use, natural expected changes in capacity or the operation of bluetooth (either the app itself or the connectivity to the app): -

Please note, we can not ship these to the European Union, yet. We are working on getting this sorted.

12V 20Ah LiFePO4 battery with non-bluetooth BMS

general specs:

  • Maximum continuous charge rate  = 10A
  • Maximum continuous discharge rate  = 20A
  • Battery must be safely charged within units parameters
  • Max charge V=14.6V, Recommended =14.4V, Float V=13.8V
  • 4mm ring terminal battery studs / washer
  • Can be put in series 12V | 24V | 36V | 48V
  • Dimensions : 19cm x 7.7cm x 18.7cm
  • Weight - 2kg



Battery Information PDF - including Bluetooth

We are constantly updating our battery range and specifications.

The battery information PDF is prone to change. We endeavour to keep this updated.