Offgrid solar, security installations, industrial UPS support


120kw | 150kw | 180kw models

Supercharger - ev

  • Three phase - 5 wire
  • Twin output with CCS2
  • Output voltage variable 200VDC - 1000VDC
  • 120kW | 150kW | 180kW models
  • IP55
  • RFID - Credit Card Payment
  • Air cooled

MPPT and PWM Solar Controllers and Solar inverters

harness the sun

Sterling's range of solar regulators are all you need to really make use of solar panels.

Your solar panels will be operating at a voltage far higher than what your batteries really want to see- with our range of leading regulators you'll be charging your batteries to exactly what they want in no time!

Solar panels, MC4 cables, MC4 related contacts and fuses

mc-4 solar range

What use is the sun without solar panels?

Well, apart from providing life and light as we know it, not a whole lot. We need solar panels to really turn that photovoltaic energy into harnessable power.

Our range of solar panels and the MC-4 connectors that are the absolute standard for solar power distribution ensure that your solar-dream can be easily built.

lithium power systems, energy storage solutions


It's all good being able to use the sun to power your system... but what about at night? Or, heaven forbid, when it's raining? (You can tell we're a British company..)

Incorporating lithium batteries ensure the greatest depth of discharge, the greatest length of service and the greatest energy density of any commercial energy system you can consider.


EVC - 22kW - type 2

  • 32A
  • IP54 rating
  • 22kW at 3phase and 7kW at single phase
  • 5m of tethered Type 2 plug
  • Plug holder

RB48100 - 51.2V 100Ah Lithium

  • 51.2V - 16 string
  • 100Ah | 5.12kWh
  • CAN | RS485 | RS232
  • 19" rack | shelf mounted
  • Built in BMS