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note regarding lithium shipping

We cannot offer lithium shipping outside of the UK mainland. We understand this is an inconvenience, but we thank you for your understanding.

L Series

12V 105Ah LiFePO4 - £332 - order now

  • 12V 105Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • 100A charge
  • 100A discharge
  • T1 DIN AND 8mm thread
  • 260mm x 170mm x 210mm Compact Size

12V 100Ah, 12V 200Ah

LH Series - Heated batteries - Out now

For customers who want HEATED 12V 100Ah and 12V 200Ah batteries. They automatically warm up when being charged at sub-zero temperatures. They keep the cells warm enough to safely accept charge. This prolongs the lifespan of the cells.

12V - 48V, 20Ah - 400Ah

AL Series

For customers who just want excellent performance vectors and energy storage systems at a price that's friendly to market- the AL series is perfect.

If you want 24V systems or 48V systems, you can run our 12V batteries in series...

OR- you can buy our 24V or 48V batteries, and benefit from vastly superior balancing.

48V 100Ah - self stack batteries 5.12kwh

19" Rack | Stack batteries - RB48100

  • 51.2V - 16 string
  • 100Ah | 5.12kWh
  • CAN | RS485 | RS232
  • 19" rack | shelf mounted
  • Built in BMS
bm1 and bm2 battery monitors

battery monitoring systems

If you've ever found yourself talking to your batteries, asking them what they're doing...

Firstly, seek help. They have no mouth, they can't talk back.

Secondly, I sympathise. The BM1 and BM2 monitors were designed to stop you embarassing yourself and to stop scaring your therapist.

Bluetooth and remote monitoring of your battery state of charge, voltage and current charge and discharge vectors all in one neat package.

bal24 system

Battery balancers

If you've encountered that extremely frustrating issue between two batteries in series, where one is charging or discharging slightly faster than the other and ruining the battery bank with imbalance... BAL24 should sort you out.

It's our inter-battery balancing system designed specifically to save your battery bank from misery.

cables, fuses, fuse holders and the rest

DC distribution

Need DC cable? Fuses? Fuse holders?

If you need anything at all to do with batteries, we have you covered.

DC cable from 10mm2 to 150mm2, cut and crimped to your spec (just contact us) and a huge range of fuses, fuse holders and terminations...

Why go anywhere else?