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dc/dc cHARGERS, the ultimate driving companion

Charge while you drive

Sterling's Battery to Battery chargers are crucial for the modern power system and modern vehicle. They allow you to charge a rear battery bank from your alternator system.

They're lithium safe, they work even with Euro-6 vehicles and they give you the capability to charge a 12V, 24V or even a 48V battery bank from your starter circuit.

Our newest variants even incorporate bidirectional charging... They're genuinely the best you can get.

ev recovery

fast charging recovery

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ONBOARD power where you need it

Most of the equipment you know and use in every-day life runs on 240V supply. That's what you get out of the plug sockets in your house or workplace. By using an inverter, you can get 240VAC from your 12V, 24V or 48V battery banks.

We offer both Pure Sine and Quasi Sine variants. Confused what you might need? Give us a call. We might not know for certain (as there's *so* many AC products out there) but we may be able to give an indication.

AC/DC Chargers

Charge up when you're home

At a worksite? At a campsite? Home?

If you've got access to 240V... Let's use it! Using our range of AC/DC chargers you're able to maintain and charge your battery banks whenever you're parked near a plug.

If we're good enough to be recommended as the charger for Porsche (911 RSR Technical Manual V10 P462), I reckon we're good enough to keep you going, too!

inverter charger / combi series

Or, why not both?

Our 'Combi' range (Combined Inverter/Charger) integrates both of the above products into one. You get a 240V pure sine inverter *and* a high powered AC/DC charger in one box.

Consider that it also incorporates an automatic cross-over switch and some serious resilience and you have everything you need as a central power system... Now you just need batteries!



A modern requirement for many systems is to at least have some sort of renewable energy aspect. Who doesn't want to utilise free power from the sun? We even have deployable/folding solar panels for use at a site.

Sterling has you covered. Solar regulators, solar panels and solar accessories means Sol is now your friend.

LiFEPO4 battery systems - 12V to 48v batteries, 20ah to 400ah

Onboard lithium power

Sterling's sibling company, AMPS, produces some of the most competitive battery solutions you can find on the market. There's really no reason not to go for Lithium. You can use the entire battery capacity repeatedly, significantly improved energy density, integrated protection *and* impressive longevity.

Aggressive charge and discharge rates mean that we have more bite than many equivalent sized competition and we always push for our prices to be competitive.

Pair that with our five year warranty and our years of experience in advising on Lithium power systems and you already know you're in good hands.

induction hobs

super efficient cooking

Many sites no longer allow you to use gas or transport gas- and many people just like the coolest, newest gadgets.

The induction hob meets both needs.

It's the most efficient way of cooking your food (so long as the pan is magnetic-) and lets you cook for as long as your power system can provide!

cables, fuses, fuse holders, etc

...and the rest!

Sterling endeavours to be a one-stop shop for any of your DIY or off-grid power needs.

Cables, cable crimping, cable connectors, fuses, fuse-holders, batery testers, battery monitors...

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