Large Price Hikes across the board.

A message from the M.D -

Reason for price rises are beyond our control:

1) Pound dollar collapse, this in itself has caused a 25% + rise across the board.

2) Price rise in manufacturing in Taiwan and China. If we can even get the product made. Chinese factories are restricted - due to their 0 Covid policy.

3) Chip shortage. Some microchips (plus other components) are simply being held to ransom and, if we want the product, we simply have to pay the extra costs associated with some chips. Over time this will be reduced. In the short term, some product costs have been inflated due to a particular chip shortage.

4) Transportation / container shipping costs, this has increased over 100%.

To take advantage of the current prices, we recommend you order as soon as possible.


 All the above factors are still in flux. Nothing can be set in stone for a year. Prices can change for specific products at no warning due to chip shortages (not just chips, FETS, diodes, and other parts are also affected).

 We are getting to the stage where the price of the item shall become almost irrelevant. It will be the fact you have the item in stock which shall be important.

 There is simply no sign of any of these price pressure factors changing in the near future. We would be delighted to drop the price in such an event.

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