Current Limiting VSR Pro Con CVSR


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Current Limiting voltage sensitive relays (adjustable)

DC Voltage Amps Size L x W x D mm Weight Kg Part Number
12 & 24 auto 70 140 x 120 x 40 0.5 CVSR70
12 & 24 auto 140 140 x 180 x 40 0.7 CVSR140
12 & 24 auto 210 140 x 210 x 40 0.5 CVSR210
12 & 24 auto 280 140 x 240 x 40 0.5 CVSR280


Current limiting Voltage Sensitive Relays: This range have all the adjustment abilities as per the Pro Connect VSR.
These relays have built in current limiting, in a nutshell you can do whatever you want with them, if you overload them they simply switch off safely. The trick with a relay is not to open circuit when it is overloaded, but to remove the load, then open circuit the relay within its rating. With a current limiting VSR in an overload situation such as the example in the section above (Voltage Sensitive Relays) the 200A will surge through the relay for a split second (within the relay's capability), then the built in current limiting device will see this overload and reduce the current from the dangerous 200A+ to a very safe 6A, the relay will then safely open circuit with a 6A load and not a 200A load, and so protect the relay and your installation. Once the high load demand has been removed then the relay is safe to re-engage and continue doing its job.


 0.01 Volt drop Ignition feed (not always required)
Waterproof to IP65 SAEJ1171 ignition protected
High overload surge rated Back EMF spark arrester
Remote LED connection No ignition feed voltage drop
Suppressing diodes across relay to prolong life Single & twin starter motor disengage connections
Time delay to prevent engine starter damage 12V & 24V automatic selection
Extremely low quiescent current approx 1mA Custom voltage adjustment parmeters available
Active progressive disconnect algorithm Automatic voltage activation
Automatic voltage de-activation Protects primary battery from discharge
Emergancy auxillary forced activation High battery voltage trip protection
5 LED information display 5 alarm functions and safety trips plus information
Adjustable relay trigger side operation Short circuit protection (prior to engagement)
Current limiting protection