12V battery High Voltage Protection Device 60A rated


The HVDC12 is a 12V battery protection device that protects your 12V battery(s) and your 12V system from instant and / or sustained high DC voltage spikes that can occur in your DC system. These voltage spikes can occur due to malfunctioning solar charge controllers / regulator and / or wind regulators. The HVDC can work with both lead acid and lithium batteries.

Solar regulators and wind regulators can, and do, fail and have serious consequences to your DC system. Often putting the unregulated solar or wind voltage directly across the 12V battery terminal. This can lead to 16V->35V+ being directly dumped on to your 12V battery and your 12V system. The impact on inverters, DC DC chargers (BBs), 12V anciliary equipment (fridges, pumps etc..) will be deleterious. This HVDC12 is designed to protect against these episdoes. 

The HVDC12 has 2 studs. 1 of the terminals should be connected to your 12V battery / 12V system i.e. the 12V system you wish to protect. The other terminal is connected to your potentially risky solar regulator / wind generator / other potentially high voltage device.

The HVDC12 is good for 60A at 100VDC - the relay shall trip to protect at 16V+ and the red LED illuminates. The relay then requires manual re-engagement.


Rule of thumb:

- Inverters, normal 12V battery chargers, 12V battery to battery chargers, 12V anciliaries (pumps / fridges) etc.. should be on the '12V battery side'

Solar regulator and wind regulator outputs should be on the high risk 'solar / wind regulator' stud

Refer to the gallery image for a wiring example.

 Weight - 300g

Height = 90mm | Lenght = 85mm | Width = 90mm

M6 - 6mm bolts

powered from 12V battery / 12V system you are protecting - 1mA consumption


When HVDC12 trips due to a high voltage episode - the RED LED turns on. To reset the relay, simply press the button. The relay shall only re-engage if the voltage is lower than 16V. Please remember, if this relay has tripped please investigate the reasoning for the trip.

This is not a one time use only product. It can be used time and time again. However, if it is frequently tripping on / off - there is like a problem with one of your regulators.


Designed, developed and manufactured in England at Sterling Power Products.