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2022 12V - 12V Battery to Battery Chargers

high power - BB1240 | BB1270 | BB12120 | BB12200 | BB1224120 | rEMOTE cONTROL

Available now

- Buck Boost design, offering high efficiency (95-98%)

- Very high power models such as 120A and 200A
- Simple installation and setup
- Current limiting charger
- Lithium battery compatible

- Marine use | Vehicle use Euro 6/6+ | Electric Vehicle

- BB1240 Bidirectional | 12V 40A (550W output power)
- BB1270 | 12V 70A (930W output power)
- BB12120 | 12V 120A (1620W output power)

- BB12200 Bidirectional (2600W output power)

- BB1224120 Bidirectional (1700W output power) 12V to 24V model.

- BB1248120 Bidrectional (1700W output power) 12V to 48V model. Expected Q2 2023.

- Remote Control - Feature rich - Current Reduction | Custom Charge Profiles | Charge voltage and current display

PS SERIES - High Power Pure Sine wave

Our new range of Pure Sine Wave inverters.

1500W-4000W | 12V, 24V, 48V with and without RCD options

2022 Heated LiFePO4 12V Leisure Battery LB Series (5 Year Warranty) Available NOW

Heated Lithium Batteries

-Bespoke AMPS App

-Heating elements between the cells. Automatically activated when there is a 100W+ charging source and the cell temperature is below 0DegC.



Four NEW induction hobs with variable power inputs. Side by side and single induction hobs available. Suitable with inverters down to 1KW.

24V Battery Balancers

If you have multiple 12V batteries in series you can use this balancer to prevent over voltage (gassing on lead acid) and improved balancing on lithium batteries in series. It is a simple plug and play device that requires no setting up. Multiple can be installed for more charge current and multiple can be installed for 36V and 48V installs.


High powered 12V to 12V Battery to Battery Charger | 200A rated.

Reverse charging feature 60A to 13.4V.

Available for pre-order - Q1 2023

Q1 2024 (estimated release)

Up to 6000W (200A at 30V)

Boasting up to 98.2% efficient at 200A (24V-24V)

Bidirectional charging to charge both leisure batteries and starter batteries

DC-DC converter mode

Jump start emergency mode - allowing current back to starter to aid with cranking

Vibration | ignition | automatic activation modes

All features fully customisable


SOLAR products and panels

From the new BBS1230 (Our flagship BB1230 with a 350W solar regulator) to solar panels, cable and standalone regulators, we have all you need to turn your power GREEN