At Sterling Power we believe that to provide a client the most premium power distribution electronics in the world, we need to produce brilliance. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain our technology and products at the cutting edge of the power distribution market with constant innovations and the need to produce powerful, customisable but fundamentally simple to use products that will fulfil the needs of an evolving power landscape.

Our requirement to constantly be developing products that meet the world's developing needs means that our eyes are always open to expanding our close-knit team to the brightest out there who can evolve and innovate with some of the best. You will, no doubt, be challenged, but the pride in seeing your developments quickly get tested, manufactured and pushed into this highly competitive landscape will no doubt make the hard work worth it. 

If you feel interested in this market or line of work and wish to see what you can bring to it then please email with your CV and any other information you feel we should know and we will be sure to log your information and reach out if you are suitable.



If you're interested in a career with Sterling but don't see a vacancy above for your interests or skillset, don't feel restricted to reach out with your relevant information. We will file it away safely and securely and reach out if a vacancy arrives that you are suitable for.


Thank you for your interest;

Sterling Power