12V 100Ah Lithium Battery (ex Demo)

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12V Lithium Batteries 100Ah lithium

Can be put in series up to 48V -unlimited parallel.

ex DEMO _ condition is very good, just not brand new.

Lithium Batteries (3 Year Warranty) - Please note, we can not ship these to the European Union, yet. We are working on getting this sorted.

 we can't guarantee that bluetooth feature works.

Part No Nominal Voltage Charge Current Discharge current Nominal Capacity Actual Capacity
AL12100 12V 70A 150A 100Ah 100Ah


Battery Information PDF - including Bluetooth

We are constantly updating our battery range and specifications.

The battery information PDF is prone to change. We endeavour to keep this updated.




12V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery with BMS and safety shutdown

general specs:

  • LiFePO4 12V (nominal) 100Ah 25 deg C Lithium Deep cycle
  • Maximum continuous charge rate  =70A
  • Maximum continuous discharge rate  =150A
  • Battery must be safely charged within units parameters
  • Max charge V=14.6V, Recommended =14.4V, Float V=13.8V
  • Cut off voltage 11V / cutoff temperature 60 deg C
  • Charge Curve style  CC/CV
  • Operational temperature 0Deg to 60 deg C (adjustable)
  • internal consumption: Operational = 10mA, Dormant 0.1mA
  • 8mm ring terminal battery studs / washer
  • Can be put in series 12V | 24V | 36V | 48V

    E marking - E13 - only battery on UK market.

     Battery power Weight of battery (kg) Dimension of battery (cm)
    12V 100Ah 14.4 33.0L x 21.5H x 17.0W

    For the T1 DIN Standard Battery posts with 8mm thread. Positive and negative pair. They make a good addition if you wish to maintain legacy connections. Dimensions of the posts are below: