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To all of our valued customers, we strongly advise reading below.

Ironically, during the past year we have seen a boom in our industry. As a result, parts and production demand has exceeded all expectations. The result of this unexcepted boom is the cost of raw materials and parts have gone up substantially. This trend looks set to continue into the future.

The rate of rise is unprecedented and subsequently distorts all normal business practises. Typically there would be about a 2% annual rise in prices. However, we have already experienced a 12% rise 3 months ago with another 12-13% this week. This is ~25% in the last 3 months. There has been a stark warning from our suppliers that there is no end in site for this problem.

Reasons for price rises?
1)    Commodity price rises, across the range, at an unprecedented scale.
2)    Semi-conductor and chip shortage. Many chips are being sold on the spot market rather than through pre-standing orders. Prices of these components have soared and the availability has collapsed. The chip market is basically a free for all auction, if you can even find them.
3)    China / Australia coal embargo has caused energy shortages in China meaning massive blackouts and reduced production across China.      

Sterling Power's reaction to these price rises?
A practical reaction – our sales prices shall simply have to increase to reflect the increased cost prices. Whether this is a weekly or monthly change in some prices – we have no other choice. Every manufacturer in this industry is facing the exact same inflation pressures for the same reasons.

As a customer of Sterling Power, what do we recommend?
We are not ones for business consultancy but we are taking these inflation pressures extremely seriously. As we assume frequent price rises into the foreseeable future - we recommend stocking items immediately. Also, if you are preparing a quote for an install 6 months down the line, we would recommend buying in the stock immediately, rather than waiting.

Sterling Power's guarantee:
This should not be seen as benefiting Sterling but a warning to our customers. To cover the possibility that these problems are only “short term” (contrary to the evidence) and we are not seen as “forcing” stock upon companies. What we plan to do is offer a zero cost restocking fee for up to 1 year. In the unlikely event this “all goes back to normal” and you are caught with overpriced stock you simply return the stock. We shall refund the full amount paid. We shall take the risk off you.

Please click the link below to take you to the July 1st Price list page. These prices shall take effect from the 1st July 2021. As we are in unprecedented times we may have to release price lists at multiple intervals during this year and next year. Price changes are highlighted in green.

Charles Sterling

Managing Director.