Portable Mulitmeter


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Portable Wind Up Multimeter

Do you ever find yourself needing a multimeter, which you know you have somewhere and when you find it the batteries are flat?  Well never again, this new product has no batteries so you can leave it as long as you like.  Simply wind the handle two times for about 2 minutes use, or wind for about 10 seconds to get 10 minutes use.  This product is high quality and extremely well equipped with all the features and functions required for general use.

General Specifications

Display: 46 mm x 23 mm large LCD Measurement AC, ACA, DCV, DCA ohms, continuity
beeper, Hz, %, Capacitance, Diode, Data hold.
Data hold to freeze the display reading    
Range selection Auto ranging with manual selecting.  Weight 350g Dimensions   152 x 78 x 45 mm
Includes red and black test leads plus instruction manual Electrical Specification DC voltage
Range Volts  400.0 mV - 1000V DC Accuracy +/- ( 1% + 3d ) Input impedance 10 M Ohm
DC & AC current 10 A - 400 mA Ohms
400-40 M ohm
Overload Protection Fuse
40nF-100 mF
 4 Hz - 4 MHz
 (forward voltage, VF)

Range 4 V DC
Resolution 0.001  V Test voltage 1.6 v DC
test current 1 +/- 0.6 amps Continuity Beeper Beep if resistance less than 100 ohm
response time < 100 ms