MRBF Terminal Fuse Holder and Fuses (50A-300A)


MRBF terminal fuses are a compact, high amperage fuse system that protects your whole electrical system from as close as possible to the batteries. 

Mounted directly onto the terminals of the battery itself, and providing an M8 terminal for you to take or even stack further contacts off of, this easy to install fuse holder provides the best possible protection against short circuits and other accidental faults or failures from equipment or installation errors. 

With a broad range of fuses available (50A-300A) you can be confident that you're protected. 


  • The MRBF fuse holder metals are entirely stainless steel. Stainless steel is notoriously corrosion resistant, ensuring that you can trust your protection, wherever you're operating - Marine, solar home or recreational vehicles are all protected by using MRBF fuses. 
  • The red insulating cap protects against the risk of water/oil drips affecting your contact (for example, if you are using non corrosion resistant ring terminals), and also helps protect against the risk of short circuit.
  • M10 battery terminal should accept the most common battery terminal posts and provide great contact. 
  • M8 stud uses stainless steel M8 hardware and permits stacking of terminals
  • Fuses and Fuse holders ordered separately.
  • Provides high current protection in a simple and compact install. 
  • Suitable for tight space constraints. 
  • Suitable up to 58VDC
  • Suitable up to 300A intermittent, 200A continuous
  • Clear window to identify if the fuse has blown. 

MRBF - MRBF Holder

MRBF50 - 50A fuse

MRBF100 - 100A fuse

MRBF150 - 150A fuse

MRBF200 - 200A fuse

MRBF300 - 300A fuse